Eyeglass Training

With Disaster Recovery being one of the most complicated end to end processes to get right with no margin for error to your business,  we have created a set of online training programs aimed at building a proven and tested DR run book based on Eyeglass.  

The program is called Eyeglass Online and is offered virtually from our data center where we validate DR scenarios with leading technology from our partners.

The first in a series of training courses is being offered free of charge for a limited time.  The following courses  are offered now to achieve Eyeglass Certified accreditation.

Lab #1 -  Intro to Eyeglass  

    1. Initial setup with Isilon Clusters and Discovery
    2. Covers share/export and quota config replication with SyncIQ policies
    3. Covers custom configuration replication
    4. DR Dashboard on SyncIQ and Config replication
    5. (New 1.6) RPO Target Setting, RPO graphing and reporting
      1. Lab uses static examples now for RPO reporting feature
    6. (New 1.6) Cluster wide Reports on Demand
    7. (New 1.6) Per syncIQ policy reporting CSV and 30 day rolling graphs generated automatically
      1. CSV for per policy and cluster wide attached in addition to html report with graphs generated automatically for simplified reporting.
    8. (New 1.6) Cluster Storage Monitoring  preview application
    9. (New 1.6) Cluster Storage Monitoring  self serve quota tool overview
    10. Upon completion of the lab training
    11. Take the online self paced course and exam
    12. To request access complete the request form below.

Lab #2 - Eyeglass Online Training -  Adv Failover training (DFS mode) 

    1. Covers Failover with Eyeglass DFS mode for Automatic Client Steering "OneClick" Failover
    2. Explains how to setup DFS mode in AD and with Isilon and Eyeglass
    3. Explains fast failover redirect (New 1.6)
    4. Explains igls-hints and integration with Access Zone Failover and best practices (New 1.6)
    5. Explains rename and advanced share prefix options  (New 1.6)
    6. Walks through setup and actual failover from a Windows Client to a Windows Active Directory Domain
    7. Create Data before failover, failover and see how seamless the client experience becomes on Failover over with SyncIQ and Eyeglass.
    8. Once complete take Lab#3 before taking the Advanced course and exam.

Lab #3 - Eyeglass Online Training - Adv Failover Access Zone, Runbook Robot and Script Engine

    1. Covers Access zone Failover setup and execution
    2. RunBook Robot setup and execution
    3. Setup errors and validations (DR Dashboard Zone Readiness, network mapping)
    4. Script engine use cases, creating scripts, assigning scripts to failover modes and running a failover with simulated DNS script with Infoblox
    5. Advanced Online self paced course and exam covers Lab#2 and Lab #3 material.

Lab #4 -  Cluster Storage Monitor 

  1. Covers Storage usage reporting (cluster and storage pools)
    1. Hardware Health reporting
  2. Covers Data-ReOrg - 
    1. ability to migrate data and configuration (shares,exports, nfs aliases, quotas) between access zones on different paths (source and destination can be different) on the same or different target cluster.  
    2. Allows expanded use of Access zones to separate data and allow Access Zone failover options with Eyeglass.
  3. Quota Portal Automation Solution - Allows end user quota requst and approve work flow
    1. Covers RBAC roles needed to enable end users to login securely to manage user and group quota requests
      1. RBAC for quota admin or power users withing a department or business unit to manage quota's without any access to Isilon Management tools or interfaces on the cluster.  Eyeglass Acts as a proxy to the cluster
    2. Quota administration for approve, reject and edit of requests
  4. Storage reporting automated reports
    1. Covers sample reports and how to change schedules of the automated reports

Lab #5 -  Ransomware Defender - Beta

  1. Covers installation and configuration of the ECA Eyeglass clustered agent (Access zone for event database via HDFS)
  2. Cluster file audit configuration and CEE end points
  3. Eyeglass appliance configuration for ECA agents
  4. Ransomware security event detection with Windows 10 clients
  5. User behaviour detection testing
  6. User restore recovery procedures to return access to Isilon data  

We have two virtual labs one for the Intro Lab and one for both advanced labs

  • Each lab takes less than 1 hour to complete, but we make the class available for a 2 hour time slot to provide adequate time to learn on your own after the course is completed.
  • Once you submit the class lab instruction form, you will receive an email  with your certification logo download link.
    • Certification is completed with intro and advanced online courses and exams completed.
  • A classroom will be assigned to you after registration and a calendar invite sent to your email address.
  • Training Services are available Monday to Friday within the following 2 hour time slots for all hands on lab sessions.  The calendar below can be used to locate an available day and time slot before making a booking.

Slot 1 - 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM EDT

Slot 2 - 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM EDT

Slot 3 - 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM EDT

Slot 4 - 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM EDT

Slot 5 - 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM EDT

Eyeglass Hands on virtual training

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