How to Get Support

  1. The support site provides online ticket submission and case tracking.  Support Site link - 
  2. Leave a voicemail at 1 (855) 336-1580
    1. (must leave customer name email, description of question or issue, primary contact for your company with an account in our system. We will  assign the case to primary contact for email followup)
  3. Email
  4. This is also how to download license keys.
  5. You can also raise a case right from in Eyeglass desktop using the help button, search for your issue and if want to raise a case or get a question answered, click the leave us a message, name, email and appliance ID and a case is opened directly from Eyeglass.
  6. Or get Support Using Chat M-F 9-5 EDT (empty box?  we are not online yet)
  7. Eyeglass Live Chat

  9. You should also review our support agreement here.