Eyeglass Cluster Storage Monitor

Automated Storage Management for Scale out NAS 

The Problem:

Scale out NAS introduces storage administration requirements to manage data at scale.  Centralized pools of file data with 100's to 10 000's of users accessing shared storage introduces increased administration and monitoring.

Enterprise customers struggle to efficiently manage utilization at granular levels,  report on disk consumption or have single pane of glass for multiple clusters.   Data recovery requests, disk quota requests and file lock open requests consume more and more storage administration effort as the data grows. 

The Solution:

Cluster Storage monitor is a group of tools that can be added onto Eyeglass to eliminate the cost of managing scale out NAS on Dell EMC Isilon platforms.

The product targets the day to day tasks that consume IT overhead and converts them into simple automated workflows and end user portals to push this administration onto  end users with a self service model.

  • Monitor disk utilization at the share and export level
  • NEVER create quotas manually again
  • Centrally monitor disk utilization for all clusters easily on a single pane of glass
  • Centrally monitor all clusters health, versions, node and storage tier usage
  • Centrally manage ALL share/exports on all clusters with simple and advanced searching feature
  • End user Quota Self serve quota system - Eyeglass removes all quota workflow administration
    • Auto approve rules or click a url to approve or reject requests (eyeglass executes, logs and notifies)
  • End user Data Recovery portal enables all versions of files in snapshots or DR copies to be securely access with a request and approve workflow.  Removing this task from Isilon Storage Admins.
    • Reporting allows centralized access to all requests to restore data
  • Eliminate Tape backup and NDMP on Isilon with Snapshot and replicate and Eyeglass summary reports that monitor SyncIQ backup and performance, along with any failures