Obtain VCE™ Vblock Ready Certification for Your Application

To accelerate the migration to the Vblock converged infrastructure, Superna offers certification testing to assess an Independent Software Vendor or Hardware Vendor (ISV/HSV) solutions ability to meet VCE's criteria for entrance into the VCE TM Technology Alliance Partner Program.  ISV/HSV's can submit their product for certification testing and logo program usage as part of the Technology Alliance Program as detailed in VCE Technology Program Overview;  How to become VCE Technology Alliance Partner, ISV TAP program.

It's all about time to market, reducing investment and eliminating complexity to enable a fully converged infrastructure

To contact us regarding any of the services and solutions please send an email to VCEISVProgram@Superna.Net

Documentation and Onboarding Overview

To get started with VCE Vblock Ready Certification

VCE Vblock Certifications and EMC Certifications

VCE ISV/IHV Certification Process Overview

Optional Services for Vblock: Superna offers a number of optional services for Vblock including proof of concepts, performance testing, marketing documentation preparation, hosted development and application migration support. ISV/HSV's can also leverage Superna's software development support to build VCE VISION integrated solutions with our design support, Eyeglass software building blocks and remote access to the Vblock for development.