The VCE Validation Ready™ Program is designed to simplify and reduce the cost of Proof of Concepts and Compliance Validation.  It's all about streamlining the time to validate the converged infrastructure that runs mission critical work loads and complies with standards best practices. The program has been designed to address reference architectures that require compliance with Industry standards such as HIPAA, PCI, FedRAMP, ITSG and more.

ISV/HSV’s can leverage Superna’s expertise and facility to integrate into an “Always On” compliance lab with VCE technologies.  The VCE Validation Ready™  Program is a dedicated and fully accessible Vblock Systems test bed that lets you test, validate, or certify your own solutions.  Testing can be done remotely or on-site at our facility. Use the new VCE Validation Ready test bed for:

  • Conducting on-site or remote Proof Of Concept (POC) tests;
  • Validating customer configurations (e.g., for security and compliance mandates and reference architectures);
  • Testing VCE Vision™ software integrations to meet and/or monitor security and compliance requirements in real time; and
  • Testing two or more Vblock™ Ready solutions working together from the VCE TAP Program ecosystem, before you go to market with one or more of these solutions.

To contact us about the VCE Validation Ready certification, please send an email to VCEISVProgram@Superna.Net.

To get started with VCE Validation Ready Certification

VCE Vblock Certifications and EMC Certifications

Sample of ISV's Solution Briefs Tested at Superna