Video content is one of the fastest growing media types in the Enterprise today.   Video is now used in more industries as a critical system for banking/financial, surveillance, education, security, real-estate, and healthcare.  Video requires file based storage solutions that scale and must handle high throughput with HD video transition from lower resolution video now the norm.

How We Help

Video Management System vendors depend on network attached storage to scale their video solution. Superna's exclusive choice for storage is EMC's Isilon Scale Out Storage products that scale VMS solutions.

What We Offer

Superna offers video management scalability testing, white paper, and technical marketing services. We also specialize in vertical market solutions by tightly integrating VMS solutions with storage automation, system level monitoring of VMS and Isilon products with our Eyeglass virtual appliance storage automation and monitoring platform. We can provide an integrated easy to monitor and manage VMS + EMC Isilon storage solution.