A Simpler Way to Monitor Your Critical Infrastructure

VCE Vision™ Software + Eyeglass provides visibility into your Converged Infrastructure

As customers rapidly adopt the VblockTM System from VCE, management tools need to keep pace to ensure that the converged infrastructure is managed as whole and not on the basis of the individual components. Superna's Eyeglass vApp leverages VCE VisionTM Software and VMware vCenterTM software to provide a single integration point for VCETM Vblock System management. With Eyeglass, VCE Vblock fault monitoring, root cause failure analysis, capacity planning, configuration management database (CMDB) integration and SLA monitoring of critical applications are dramatically simplified. Eyeglass offers visualization of all Vblock System components and virtual machines with real-time health status, alarm aggregation and component alarm tagging. Eyeglass provides a flexible, cost effective monitoring option for the converged infrastructure, not available until now. 

The application is packaged as a vApp for the hypervisor and is focused on day to day operational tasks. It is quick to deploy, with setup taking 10 minutes, with no user manuals. It has been designed to support all devices in the Vblock stack including virtual machines, with a flexible integration model. It is ideally suited to manage between 1 and 10 Vblocks. Eyeglass simplifies the visualization of all virtualized workloads (and VM’s) and system components with real-time health status, alarm aggregation and intelligent log tagging.

Key functions:

  • Monitor root cause failure analysis

  • Configuration change tracking

  • Capacity planning

  • SLA monitoring of critical applications

  • Patch over the Internet with no assistance

  • Integration of application log and security events at the logical and physical layers with VMware (LogInsight), Splunk and open source solutions

  • A downloadable virtual appliance that deploys in minutes (600 MB OVF)

Do you need a connector to your existing application?

We specialize in customized integrations for VCE Vblock with full support behind it.  We work with many leading application and infrastructure management vendors which allows Superna to develop adaptors and connectors you need to maximize the value of Eyeglass to your existing IT workflow and processes.

Connectors are available for CA Nimsoft, BMC Atrium, VMware LogInsight and Splunk.

For a free 30 day trial. Send an e-mail to Sales@Superna.NET

Simplified "Mobile" Management of Converged Infrastructure Powered with VCE Vision™ Software

As customers rapidly adopt the Vblock System from VCE, management tools should keep pace with a mobile IT work force. To meet this challenge, Superna has released a Mobile solution for Vblocks that is built with VCE VisionSoftware.

Video Demo

Eyeglass UI Demo