Ordering Product is simple, just follow these rules:

  1. Ordering Guide download  (this covers per cluster kits and per node license options for Isilon DR and IsilonSD edition)
  2. Each kit sample BOM includes licensing for 2 clusters and the list of features from the matrix table
    1. Use the upgrade kits to move from one kit level to the next with maintenance set to 3 or 5 years.
  3. Open the sample 2 cluster BOM for the product kit with the features you want
  4. Download to Excel  and send to your EMC Account Rep for processing (or even easier email the link!)
  5. Note: If you have an  odd number of clusters make sure to buy enough 2 pack kits from the sample BOM's below to exceed the number of clusters.  Example.  3 clusters edit the sample Excel BOM's  below and multiple quantities by 2.  If 5 clusters multiple by 3 and so on.  If you need help on a quote that you don't see below email
 Maintenance Years Upgrade to Enterprise  Enterprise
 3 Years Upgrade Kit  BOM Kit
 5  Years Upgrade Kit  BOM Kit

Ordering Services is simple, just follow these rules:

  1. Consult the pdf that shows how services are offered and what is included in the product purchase.  click the links to Scope of Works so you understand what is offered in each service.
  2. How to Quote Superna eyeglass Services
  3. NOTE: all Scopes of work are fixed price and scope
  4. NOTE: 4 block hour part cannot be used without scope and quantity confirmed by any order recieved without prior consultation with Superna will void any prior commitment made by a partner without written confirmation from Superna Sales.