How to Get License Keys

    How to Retrieve Appliance ID for License Key Requests

    1. Deploy Eyeglass appliance. Quick Start
    2. Copy appliance id from About Eyeglass window.
    3. Highlight, right-click, Copy

    How to Retrieve Purchased Licenses

    1. Purchased License Key Retrieval Steps:
    2. The purchase order contact named on the purchase order will receive a transaction token number. This number and the appliance ID is required to retrieve your permanent license keys.
    3. To download your keys 
    4. Login to IMPORTANT: Appliance ID and Transaction Token must be entered without any leading or trailing spaces
    5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see the transaction token and appliance ID form to retrieve your keys.
    6. Now continue the steps below to upload the license keys to the appliance.

    How to Upload License keys to the Eyeglass appliance

    1. Login to Eyeglass appliance.
    2. Select Manage Licenses.
    3. Select Browse in the Manage Licenses window and select the license file that was just downloaded. Then select Upload.
    4. File name: [EyeglassLicenseName].zip
    5. You will be asked to refresh to see new features. Select Yes.
    6. Open Manage Licenses window again to see licences loaded.
    7. Done Start Using Eyeglass!

    How to Request 30 day Trial Keys:

    1. Login with your account and Submit a Request.
    2. Ticket subject should include company name.
    3. When creating the ticket select the trial key check box.
    4. In the form that opens enter the Eyeglass appliance ID. (Required step, keys can not be generated without the ID)
    5. Trial keys are downloaded with a transaction key and appliance id. The transaction key will be posted to your open case.
    6. Continue with license upload instructions below

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