Eyeglass Isilon DR Edition Release Overview

What's Coming in Release 2.0 DR Edition Overview

Failover Enhancements:

  1. (Major Feature) IP Pool Failover - This allows even more control of how data is failed over.  Many customers create IP pools for each protocol (SMB, NFS) or business applications.  This new feature will execute the entire Access Zone failover automation but only for one or more IP pools selected for failover.
    1. Enables Hot Hot Single  Access zone example system or other access zone can now have writeable data on both clusters at the IP pool level.  IP pool SMB active on cluster 1 and NFS or SMB2 IP pool active on cluster 2  
    2. NOTE:  SyncIQ policies are mapped in DR Dashboard UI to a subnet:pool name, Administrator error that incorrectly maps a policy to name can result in read-only data outage.  Its expected the administrator knows which Pools are protected by a specific list of policies.

Configuration Sync Enhancements:

  1. Sync mode option to apply $ to shares: DFS mode supports $ option on shares and now this is available for normal configuration sync (default disabled).

General Features:

  1. Access Zone Migration Feature now part of base product for all customers - on upgrade to 1.8 or later, "Enterprise Licensed" customers will automatically have Access Zone Migration feature key generated on upgrade.  Allowing access to this feature in the Job icon, Add job.
    1. Customers can now leverage this Isilon to Isilon migration feature to move data + config into new access zones for Data-Reorg and layout with access zones on the Same Isilon or between Isilons.  Any data + Config any where its required to fully leverage ata separation features of Access Zones.

What's Coming in Release 1.9.0 Ransomware Defender Overview

This release will provide some minor feature for DR edition and launches the ransomeware defender release. This new product requires additional lice sing for existing Eyeglass customers to take advantage of this real time threat response solution.  

  1. Product information on Ransomware Defender
  2. DR edition updates:
    1. New access zone readiness validation verifies all IP pools have a smart connect or defined 
    2. LIVEOPS DR test mode now allows 3rd copy synciq policy to run on minutes schedule and when enabling DR test. Ode the policy is set to manual.  When DR test mode is disabled the schedule is reapplied to the policy.
      1. If the policy is running when entering DR test mode, the failover timeout will apply which means a wait time of 180 minutes for the running policy to finish.
    3. DNS settings for onefs 8 now added to cluster reports
    4. Open files validation removed from dr assistant until Isilon API support per access zone open files
    5. Pools/Subnets in all groupnets shows up(with access zones) in onefs8 cluster reports. Also added zone name to pools in onefs7 reports
    6. Restrict at source validation removed from DR dashboard and is now an alarm. To simplify validation of access zones readiness for failover.  Restrict at source is a best practice 
    7. SPN failover enhancement for access zone failover now restricts the delete and add SPN API calls to a single cluster node in the target ckuster.  This was found to be more robust in environments that use single AD site and subnet between two data centres.  AD replication was found to cause issues with reliable SPN failover.  This change will insure a single domain controller is used for the failover operations.
    8. Short SPN's are now synced to AD computer objects (not used for Kerberos)
    9. Failover log real-time view in DR assistant allows a live failover log to be monitored with auto refresh
    10. Linked quotas are interested see to be updated by the parent quota that created it, in some cases unlinking a quota is desirable. Eyeglass will now correctly failover unlinked quotas. Now the unlinked quotas failover as a normal quota and then the parent all users quota is failed over next to ensure no conflict occurs.
    11. Shares with variable expansion now sync  correctly between clusters
    12. RPO Reporting and back monitoring report now track failed synciq jobs and report includes 30 day and last 24 hour  out per policy and per cluster of all failed synciq jobs that started but finished with an error code
    13. DR Assistant synciq reports from a failover are now separated  from Eyeglass logs in the failover history, making debugging simpler.
  3. Access zone migration
    1. Allows the SyncIQ policy to remain after data copy and config copy, to allow future incremental sync of data before cut over to new access zone 

Storage Cluster Monitor Addon updates Data recovery Manager added
    1. (New) Data Recovery Manager (demo) - Allow access to snapshot versions of shares, exports on any cluster with a snapshot or DR copy.  End users can recover their own deleted, corrupted or ransomeware affected files
    2. Allows user portal to request access to any share or export version stored in snapshots on production cluster, DR data or DR snapshots.   
    3. Integrated with ransomeware defender for data recovery.
    4. Users are emailed UNC path with unique share name secured read-only to their AD user account and notified via email of how to access the recovery share.  
    5. Recovery Shares self destruct (deleted by Eyeglass) after x days
    6. Provides transparent access, email work flow request and approve
    7. RBAC roles for users and backup restore admin role in eyeglass
    8. Auto approve mode or vacation approve mode automatically generates approved access and records all transactions in history 
    9. Quota portal request- now supports comma separated list of e-mails 

      What's Coming in Release 1.8.3 DR Edition Overview


      1. RPO and Backup report 
        1. now has files added, deleted, modified, number of syncIQ jobs that run during the report interval.
        2. RPO violations last 60 days 
        3. Backup jobs that run once a day now have dedicated column to show 1 ran or 0 did not run last 24 hours.
      2. Reports on demand Icon now allows the following
        1. Run Cluster report on demand
        2. Run Cluster Storage Monitor Quota, cluster, share usage reports to be generated on demand and emailed to contact. (requires CSM licence key)
        3. RPO-Backup Report generation on demand and time period selection for the SyncIQ report analysis to be run.  This now allows greater than 30 day reporting, reporting on a specific time period in the database for historical reporting.

      Storage Cluster Monitor Addon updates

          1. Cluster quota reports now show all quotas with hard, soft and advisory limits along with % calculation of usage for the quota limit
          2. Cluster quota report still has separate file that matches shares and exports with quotas to show merged view of quotas and shares and exports for charge back, now reported in GB's.

        What's Coming in Release 1.8.2 DR Edition Overview


        1. CMBD interface for integrating Isilon into Servicenow or other CMDB platforms
          1. Supports CI objects (cluster, nodes, shares, exports, quotas)
          2. CI attributes
            1. cluster health, name, version,  type, revision
            2. node disk usage
            3. share name, path, access zone, DR status (Active, DR, unprotected)
            4. export path, access zone, DR status (Active, DR, unprotected)
            5. quota path, type, usage, (hard, soft, advisory) limits

        What's Coming in Release 1.8.0 Overview

        Failover Enhancements:

        1. SyncIQ Job Reports appended to Eyeglass failover log :
          1. Now policy run, and resync prep reports are appended to the end of the eyeglass failover log to allow simplified triage of failed steps and escalation to EMC support based on cluster policies failing. 
          2. All information and time stamps are now in a single file.
        2. Access Zone Failover Enhancement
          1. New validation detects time skew between cluster nodes and between eyeglass and the cluster's.
          2. Validation warning raised if detected
          3. Time skew can cause failed steps if the time on different nodes is not within an acceptable range to detect the steps or running status on a policy during failover.
        3. High Speed Failover - Parallel Failover Flag :
          1. Allows make write step and resync prep to run in parallel with up to 10 threads, ensures that 10 policies are submitted to be processed at all times.
          2. NOTE: Risk of a policy failure increases and new flag will NOT stop the failover in progress and will continue to issue api calls to submit all syncIQ policies in the failover job until all have been submitted. This runs the risk of more complex recovery if more than one policy fails to complete its step (Allow Writes OR resync Prep) 
          3. Testing has shown these steps for large quantity policy failover can improve failover times 3x to 4x.
        4. Eyeglass Persistent Configuration metadata Stored on Isilon cluster: "Config Fingerprint" 
          1. Eyeglass now stores policy configuration metadata in  a file on Eyeglass to fingerprint which policies are under Eyeglass control.
          2. This allows recovery of eyeglass after its been deleted, destroyed to rediscover all jobs states and rebuild the same settings without any user actions required.   This stores key failover state information from an eyeglass backup file
          3. Persists over database refresh actions and auto sets policies when DB refresh script is run to force cluster rediscovery.
        5. General Features
          1. Change Management Icon on the desktop and remote will be removed in this release. To reduce email, email size and volume of emails.  Plan to reintroduce in future release with changes.
          2. Ability to disable Dedupe sync feature and retain snapshot schedule sync in LiveOPS using CLI (consult CLI guide)
          3. Large quota count optimization to only process quota differences 4 times a day, to increase config object change detection.   Since quota in the 10's of thousands won't change frequently.
        6. Appliance Enhancements
          1. Direct upload of support logs detects failures due to internet connectivity and provides link to manual upload steps
          2. rediscover cluster script will preserve the quota request history table
          3. Integrated log analysis tool for lights out dark data center  customers can run the same diagnostics support uses and see summary of jobs, API errors , and list of failover types and break down, sync job times, failover job errors
        7. Addon Product Upgrade with Release 1.8Cluster Storage Monitor  (requires add on license key purchase)
          1. Bulk modify quotas Search for shares/exports using advanced search feature.   Select one or more shares/exports or all from the search result and use Modify Quotas  (screenshot below) to apply new value as a % adjustment to simplify changes relative to the current values 
          2. Auto Approve Quota Requests  - 
            1. Completely automate approvals of increases below a certain % increase,   
            2. Approve all outstanding requests with a single click
            3. Time limit auto approve to days, weeks or leave enabled permanently for a certain % increase of a request,  quota report will summarize the days approvals,   Daily CSV will provide total usage reporting for all clusters

          3. Automatic advisory quota : Newly created shares and exports will have and advisory quota applied, so search and manage usage by share and export is automatic
          4. Quota Search Request Quota admin icon has advanced search option for filled quota requests

          5. Quota Search Quota Usage - Quota search has advanced options to search across all clusters to find shares, exports using boolean search option, operates the same way as filled quota search (screenshot above)

          6. Automatic management and reporting of share and export usage reports sent daily
            1. Creates and Deletes advisory quotas if shares or exports are created or deleted
          7. Quota Usage (by share/export) CSV report with share and export usage will now match all current shares and exports on the system on each nightly report
          8. Deny permission on shares will block them from showing in user Quota interface now.
      1. What's Coming in Release  1.7.0 Overview

        1. Failover Enhancements:
          1. New Failover Readiness Audit:
            1. SyncIQ snapshots on the target cluster can be left behind or orphaned and blocks the Make writeable step during failover.  This condition may exist in customer clusters and will not be discovered until they try to failover the policy.   This new audit will detect extra SyncIQ snapshots that should not exist and raised blocking error on the policy (supported with All failover policy options)

          2. Access Zone Enhancement: In some cases AD replication can delay SPN delete and immediate add to the DR cluster computer account.  A new timer allows a delay to be added between delete and add SPN.  Generally this is not required with a GC DC at the DR site.  Consult admin guide CLI section for new command to enable it.
          3. Optimized Failover Performance:  
            1. Onefs 7.x clusters have limit of 5 concurrent policies, Eyeglass will no longer submit more than 5 jobs at a time and will monitor progress on finished jobs to submit more SyncIQ policies for the data sync step only. 
              1. Based on extensive testing for safe failovers, make writeable and resync prep are serialized steps.
            2. Onefs 8.x clusters will use the parallel jobs limit of 10 policies
          4. Failover Timeout per Step Default Increased:
            1. Now set to 180 minutes based resync prep step on some clusters taking longer than expected (either domain mark was not run OR large IO volume on source cluster before failover OR dynamic IP pool incorrectly set for SyncIQ)
        2. LiveOps Continous DR - DR Test Mode Enhancement:
          1. Allows DFS mode production shares on the DR cluster with name igls-DFS-<share name> to be synced into the DR test Access Zone setup for DR Test mode to have the share renamed back to match production <share name>  This allows all combinations of DR mode regardless of data protection setup in Eyeglass (DFS mode or Access Zone or both)
          2. Multiple DR Test mode policies supported, allows the following scenarios.
            1. DR Test Access zone 1 with a policy that can be enabled or disabled
            2. DR Test Access Zone 1 , 2 , N with n policies that can be enabled or disabled independently allows application or business units to run parallel or independent DR tests on different data sets using policies to select the data on the DR cluster and isolate it in different DR test access zones  
        3. LiveOps Continous DR - Runbook Robot:
          1. Now supports multiple instances per Eyeglass appliance, allowing multi cluster customers to test different cluster replication topologies.
          2. Supported options:
            1. cluster A to B - Run Eyeglass runbot instance 1
            2. cluster A to C - Run Eyeglass runbot instance 2
            3. cluster A to B AND B to C - Run Eyeglass runbot instance 1 and 2
        4. General Features:
          1. Change Management Icon on the desktop and remote will be removed in this release. To reduce email, email size and volume of emails.  Plan to reintroduce in future release with changes. 
        5. Appliance Enhancements:
          1. Direct Support Archive Upload Now support archives can be sent directly from Eyeglass UI to support, simplifying support process and accelerating the support process.
          2. Ability to disable screenshots on support archive to speed up the backup archive creation process
          4. Log Analysis on upload -   Now support archives are processed for known errors, failover errors, failover statistics, average processing time, sync job analysis automatically.
          5. Appliance Health Check and DR Readiness Review This allows customers to upload logs to get Support to Health check their installation with a push of a button.  support can review analysis and process feedback on any issues that may impact failover readiness. 
          6. Rediscover Isilon Clusters - New script allows rediscovery of cluster policies and configuration data to be updated in the database, without manual steps to re-set jobs status in the Jobs window
          7. Hybrid Cluster Licenses and Node Licenses if customer add per node licenses to appliance with per cluster licenses. The following calculation is done automatically.
          1. Each cluster added to eyeglass will have nodes counted.  Per cluster licenses are applied to the largest clusters (largest node count) and then subtracted from the total node count.  Next per node license key total is applied to remaining nodes.  This optimizes the licenses based on largest clusters automatically.

        What's Coming in Storage Monitor Product  Overview

        1. Addon Product Upgrade with Release 1.7- Cluster Storage Monitor Major Feature Update (requires add on license key purchase)
          1. Quota Self Serve portal allows end users to login to see share and group share disk usage and request more quota, If approved Eyeglass applies changes to any managed cluster and notifies the user once complete.  
            1. Users have historical record they can view in the quota portal.
          2. End Users don't need to know where the data resides, as Eyeglass builds global list of shares and group shares the user has access too based on Active Directory group membership.
          3. Administration Role in Eyeglass allows approval, deny, edit requests with historical records, daily quota request report
            1. Allow Quota Admin Role in Eyeglass to allow NEW quota's to be created and  approve, deny or edit quota requests from end users
          4. Cluster Usage Report (pools and node level) and quota usage report sent daily, quota request and approval report sent daily
          5.  Hide Everyone shares by default to reduce shares to only direct permissions or group shares
          6. Access Zone Aware authentication allows administrators to hide authentication complexity from users on the Quota portal using FQDN list on Eyeglass for smartconnect names per access zone.
          7. Access Zone Migration job settable timeouts  Access Zone migration jobs now have system.xml timeouts that can be set for long running policy migration between clusters.  Consult documentation or support for when to change these values.

        1. Storage Monitor Preview Product (will require license key) available with 1.7.0
          1. Cluster and node health dashboard

          2. Manage storage usage by share or export not be filesystem path. Search for shares and exports and quickly see usage (requires quota applied to share or export path, planned enhancement will auto create advisory quota's on all shares and exports once detected)
          3. Manage storage by share or export across multiple clusters from one screen with a search function
          4. Data ReORG - Access Zone Aware Data migration 
            1. Can copy data + config (shares,export, quotas) from one access zone into a different one on the SAME cluster or DIFFERENT cluster
            2. Enables Fan out data into new access zones OR Fan IN to collapse Access Zones into a single common access zone on the SAME cluster or DIFFERENT cluster 
            3. SyncIQ used to copy the data with policies created and deleted as needed by Eyeglass
          5. Automated Quota Management  
            1. Reduces quota management manuals steps with User portal that detects the uses user and group share quotas
            2. User makes increase request with auto approve rules and storage administrator approve or decline with reason automation
            3. Centrally logged all activities
            4. Users notified via email of the actions taken
            5. Help desk hooks for integration with ticketing systems

          What's Coming in Release  1.6.3 Overview - LiveOPS Release

        LiveOPS Feature Enhancements with New LiveOPS Dashboard to Enable Continuous Operations
            • LiveOPS Dashboard now shows LiveOPS continuous operations status, cluster reachability from Eyeglass, cluster version, API version and Readiness of Snapshots Schedule sync and dedupe path settings sync
            • Continuous Operations are features that allow Storage Administrators to operate the business on cluster at either site allowing for either cluster to be writable for production data.  In order to enable this both clusters need all the configuration data applied and synced.

        LiveOPS - Snapshot Sync
            • Snapshots are key for data protection, data restore and should be synced on the DR Cluster.  
            • This feature will detect SnapshotIQ policies that match SyncIQ policy paths and recreate the Snapshots and schedules on the DR cluster path (adjusting for path differences based on SyncIQ target path)
            • This ensures restore points will be built in parallel on the DR cluster and allows this cluster to be used as production with snapshots retained.
        LiveOPS - Dedupe Sync
          • Dedupe policy and path settings are needed to reduce disk space on the target cluster, since Dedupe can take hours to complete, paths need to be applied in advance and synced as new paths are added to ensure switching clusters will have the same disk utilization and savings post failover.
          • This feature will ensure failing over data to the target cluster will have dedupe pre-applied policies
          • Dedupe paths will be deleted and created on target clusters cluster wide AND the dedupe job schedule
        Role Based Access in Eyeglass 

          • For Enterprises this means complete control over what functions a user account can perform
          • For Service providers it allows end customers using failover as a service to have a limited view of functions customized per user account, using custom roles
          • Features:
            • Create custom roles
            • Use local OS users for authentication
            • Use Isilon Users for authentication
            • Use Active Directory providers on Isilon for Domain user and groups for role based authentication
            • Assign any Eyeglass desktop icon to a role.  Could not be easier to setup
          • Future Enhancement planned
            • Per Access Zone or per policy allowing shared eyeglass appliance to provide business unit or different customer failover for service providers or Enterprises that want to allow end customers to failover data using self serve eyeglass appliance 
        Failover Enhancements
        1. SyncIQ schedules can conflict with a failover job,  new logic will remove schedule on syncIQ policy (EMC best Practice) and set to manual, start failover and later on re-apply the cached schedule to the target cluster policy to preserve the failover logic
        2. New pre-Failover Validation will detect corrupt SyncIQ polices where duplicate local target policies exist, this condition blocks the make writeable step on SyncIQ but only when attempted.  This new validation will detect the duplicate and Fail Policy or Zone Readiness indicate failover can not be started until duplicate policy is fixed.   This will ensure no failover can start if it will fail at make writeable step (consult with EMC to correct duplicate syncIQ local targets condition to resolve) 

        Appliance Enhancements
        1. File system enhancements for fix corrupt file systems from hard power off or improper shutdowns

            What's Coming in Release  1.6.0 Overview

            1. Advanced Multi site DR Replication Topologies -  Now A to B fully automated AND A to C cluster supported allowing 3rd copy DR solutions.
              1. Make 3rd copy of A cluster on B (Primary DR target all failover modes supported) and place a copy of some or all data on Cluster C for Fully Automated Access Zone failover
              2. Make DR decision to failover to Site B or Site C.
              3. Highest level of DR data protection and automation now an option
              4. Supports Triple DNS delegation to move SMB and NFS data to site A or Site C with Full AD SPN failover and smartconnect zone failover

              5. Customers can now choose from either copy to failover too.  Copy on cluster B or Cluster C.  This brings new levels of data protection plus  automation with Eyeglass to enterprises that require the highest level of data protection with local sync copies of data and longer distance async copies outside geographic power failure zones typical in metro SyncIQ deployments.
            2. OneFS 7 to OneFS 8 configuration and failover support
              1. Transparent conversion between 7 and 8 OneFS releases allows configuration sync and failover operations to upgrade the DR cluster to OneFS 8 and maintain DR readiness
              2. Replicate data from OneFS 8 to OneFS 7
            3. Superna Eyeglass Failover Configuration Replication Workflow Enhancements

              The following enhancements have been made to Superna Eyeglass Failover Configuration Replication workflow:

              • For the case where final validation for failover determines that there is an Eyeglass Configuration Replication error and you choose to proceed, instead of executing the Eyeglass Configuration Replication step during failover which is likely to fail - the final Eyeglass Configuration Replication sync step will be skipped during failover.

              • Eyeglass can be configured to execute Configuration Replication from last known good data file for Uncontrolled Failover in the event that Eyeglass Configuration Replication has not been previously executed and Configuration Data does not exist on the target cluster.

            4. Enhanced Failover logging -  Now timeout count down added to each step that is begin processed so timeout is visible during a failover.   URL to long running steps to recovery guide included in log along with login https url to cluster management to allow simple "One" click from a failover to Isilon UI console access to check on cluster operations.  New API Error handling to handle PAPI errors during a failover.
              1. New error handling for OneFS PAPI errors that occur during failover.  Should PAPI return an error such as 503 Service Unavailable on any of the steps for  allow writes, run policy/mirror policy, resync prep, Superna Eyeglass will now retry this action 3 times as an error such as 503 Service Unavailable may be transient
              2. Example

                2016-06-02 09:41:51::758 INFO Starting Step: "Multi-8-trg allow writes at /ifs/data/zone2/pol"
                2016-06-02 09:51:52::768 INFO Step: "Multi-8-trg allow writes at /ifs/data/zone2/pol" is currently running. Operation will timeout in 50 minutes. To monitor real-time status for long-running failover steps, login to

            5. All failover modes are now faster.    
              1. DFS Mode 10X performance improvement to redirect DFS clients after data sync step.   This is done using 10 parallel threads to process all SyncIQ policies shares to be renamed.
              2. Key steps are now grouped:
                1. Make writeable all policies are processed together (in series) making the filesystem writeable faster for all policies involed in the failover
                2. Resync prep step now run in batch for all polices after the make writeable step for all policies. 
              3. Overall this will increase failover times for clients to access DR data faster while failback processing gets executed afterwards, that has no not end client impact.
              4. Future releases to allow parrelel job processing for OneFS 8 clusters to increase parrelel failover options, that is enabled with higher SyncIQ parrelel jobs features and work thread increases per node. 
            6. (New) Per policy RPO reporting and embed RPO 30 graphs
              1. added new RPO report for SLA monitoring with CSV file data provided for cluster wide report and per policy analytics in Excel
              2. Cluster RPO reports also embed a 30 day graph for each policy into the report to make reporting and trending easy to see in the RPO email reports
            7. Smartconnect zone support for PAPI ability to add clusters with FQDN of the management smartconnect zone to increase performance of API calls.
              1. Note newly added clusters only.  Existing clusters added will be blocked to switch to FQDN in this release.
            8. Access Zone Failover now supports system and non system access zone failover
              1. Better support for system and non system access zone policy matching and error messages in Zone Readiness to show a policy that matches system access zone and removes the policy from other child access zones
              2. Superna Eyeglass Failover Zone Readiness Modifications

                The following modifications have been made to the Superna Eyeglass Failover Zone Readiness checks:

                • Policy Diverse Host Validation removed

                  • This check is no longer required with the addition of Multi Site Access Zone Failover

                • Target Write Disabled Validation  **NEW

                  • This check verifies that Failover Target has writes disabled as expected.

                • Zone Path Validation **NEW

                  • This check verifies that Access zones do not have colliding paths. Status of OK indicates that the Access Zone paths have no conflicts. Status of ERROR indicates that the Access Zone path collides with another Access Zone path.

                • FQDN Alias Validation **NEW

                For the case where the Isilon clusters have been added to Eyeglass with a cluster Smartconnect Zone FQDN, this check verifies that this Smartconnect Zone has an igls-ignore hint applied to avoid a failover impacting Eyeglass access. Status of ERROR means no igls-hint was found on the IP pool for this Smartconnect Zone used for cluster management. Status of OK means igls-ignore hint was found.
            9. Add & Delete cluster Improvement -
              1. This feature will now accept multiple cluster additions and create a job the manage the discovery for a group of added clusters. The progress is monitored from the "Active Running Jobs" window
              2. Delete a cluster is not streamlined to allow deletes that remove the cluster completely from the database addressing lab issue where clusters were deleted then re-added. This now locks the database from other tasks to complete the delete operation cleanly and allowing addition of the same cluster again.
                1. This is monitored from the "Active Running Jobs" window once a cluster is selected for deletion from the inventory icon (select and right click menu)
            10. Storage Monitor Preview Product (will require license key)
              1. Cluster and node health dashboard

              2. Manage storage usage by share or export not be filesystem path. Search for shares and exports and quickly see usage (requires quota applied to share or export path, planned enhancement will auto create advisory quota's on all shares and exports once detected)

            11. DFS Mode Enhancement option to add $ on replicated shares to hide them on DR clusters.  current releases allows source cluster share to have $ sign and will sync with $ but this feature allows source cluster to NOT have $ share names but DR share can now add $ to hide the share only the the DR cluster
            12. User information: Open files new warning that open files list is cluster wide not just the policies selected for failover.  
            13. Slack Integration allows cluster events and DR eyeglass alarms to be sent directly into a Slack channel for simply alarm management
            14. Support enhancement for backup archive, now creates screenshots of key UI screens when support information is collected.  This allows support to get logs and all UI screenshots of windows using embed screenshot technology that requires no user actions.  
              1. Fully automated screencaps will now make support faster and easier to get support without the need to send screenshots to support
            15. Better support for export syncing with path changes and configuration sync will correctly update the target cluster path.   
              1. Multiple exports on source with same path now supported for syncing.
              2. A to B to C cascaded config replication now handles deletes from A to B and C clusters
            16. OneFS 8 restricted pool on SyncIQ polies correctly detected and warning removed from Access zone Readiness
            17. Disabled (user or policy disabled) Jobs UI filter - Option to hide all userdisabled or policy disabled jobs to simpilify the UI to show only jobs that are active.
            18. Alarming of disabled jobs (user or policy disabled) -  Now any policy that is user disabled or policy disabled will not be alarmed if its state changes.
            19. CA Technologies Unified Infrastructure manager probe support for OneFs 8.x clusters
            20. Redhat 7 and Centos 7 custom OS - Allows installation of Eyeglass on custom OS, only available with purchase of a license key.  No migration support new installations only.  For sales quote assistance contact

            What's Coming in Release  1.5.3 Overview

            1. PAPI error defensive fix for failover, handles cluster API failures to prevent sync issues during failover (shares, exports, nfs aliases, access zones and quotas)
            2. SyncIQ status and states mapped to Eyeglass Failover readiness
            3. Degraded inventory alarm when PAPI or cluster errors block inventory of cluster configuration data is now alarmed 
            4. Custom pre-fix on share names for DFS shares synced fix to allow any prefix vs igls-dfs
            5. Export sync fixes on client list updates
            6. New Failover behaviour that allows Failover attempts with SyncIQ policies in Warning State.  This allows a failover to be attempted with Eyeglass BUT root cause of policy warning may still fail the failover, but can be attempted now..

            What's Coming in Release  1.5.2 Overview

            1. DFS Enhancement for fast failover, moving DFS target switch to  after the make target cluster filesystem writeable step to redirect clients as sooner
            2. Webwidget Embeded API HTML beta - make dashboards with real-time updated dashboard on external webpages with eyeglass api webapplication embeded code

            3. Visualization your SyncIQ and Cluster relationships and click to get status. (future visulzation of more Isilon multi cluster features planned)

            4. Eyeglass CA UIM Isilon probe launched and new service broker for remote services

              2. Pre-Failover Scripting now enables new solutions for end to end automation