Eyeglass Addon Products

    Eyeglass RansomWare Defender

    Superna Eyeglass Easy Auditor

    Eyeglass Cluster Storage Monitor

    Enterprise License Kits

    1. Includes all Advanced functionality outlined below 
    2. Quick start install service included
    3. LiveOps DR Test Mode
    4. Data ReORG (Isilon to Isilon Data and config migration)
      1. Move data and configuration from system Zone to any other zone on the same cluster or remote cluster.
      2. Used for better data management, maximize Access zones to separate data access
      3. Cluster consolidation feature for data + configuration aware migration
      4. Supports file system locking for guaranteed data integrity moves.
      5. Data Migration feature between Isilons
      6. Can copy data + config (shares,export, quotas) from one access zone into a different one on the SAME cluster or DIFFERENT cluster
      7. Enables Fan out data into new access zones OR Fan IN to collapse Access Zones into a single common access zone on the SAME cluster or DIFFERENT cluster 
      8. SyncIQ used to copy the data with policies created and deleted as needed by Eyeglass
      9. Automated Quota Management 
    5. Eyeglass Automation API
    6. Multi Cluster Failover A to B or C clusters fully automated 
    7. Role Based Access 
    8. Eyeglass External web widget dashboards 
    9. External system monitoring with CA UIM probe 
    10. LiveOPS SnapshotIQ Sync 
    11. LiveOPS Dedupe policy Sync 
    12. Visualize SyncIQ data view 
    13. RPO reporting module enhancements 
    14. cluster wide and per policy reporting and trending reports 
    15. CSV output for Excel integration 
    16. Cloud Pools Failover (planned) 
    17. All new Add on Products can only be installed on Enterprise Licensed appliances 
    18. Redhat/Centos Custom appliance License - Allows customers to build custom OS image appliance 
      1. Cluster Storage Monitor Automation addon
      2. Ransomware Defender Addon
      3. Easy Auditor addon

    Advanced License Kits (Discontinued no longer orderable)

    1. Automatic Configuration Sync 
    2. DFS mode Failover 
    3. SyncIQ mode Failover 
    4. Access Mode Failover 
    5. RPO reporting module 
    6. Cluster Configuration reports - Basic 
    7. Changement reports - Basic 
    8. Syslog Export 
    9. Email notifications 
    10. Slack channel alarm reporting 
    11. Mobile notifications 
    12. Eyeglass CLI 
    13. Auto appliance backup 
    14. Customer config sync jobs 
    15. Post failover Script engine 

    Eyeglass CA Technologies UIM Probe

    Enables Isilon management natively in CA UIM with DR aware eyeglass alarms and events along with cluster events