Eyeglass Isilon Probe for CA UIM

Eyeglass Isilon  probe for CA Unified Infrastructure Manager 

As organizations depend on Scale Out NAS solution with EMC's Isilon product for business critical applications distributed over geographic locations, monitoring DR status and readiness becomes a challenge without good tools.

Superna Eyeglass Isilon probe integrates with CA UIM as a native probe and extends Eyeglass multi-cluster DR monitoring and reporting into CA Technologies Unified Infrastructure Manager.

DR Monitoring is simplified with UIM by allowing customers to group key devices that depend on the Isilon storage and dynamic monitoring groups, to get a quick view on all required components required to fail over together. 

Servers, applications, networking switches, Isilon Storage and DR site devices can all be monitored with UIM.

Key Features
  • Eyeglass DR status provides cluster replication status
  • Isilon Events sent to UIM as alarms (including hardware and software alarms)
  • SyncIQ RPO violations sent to UIM as an alarm
  • Custom alarm fields
  • Converged deployment with Eyeglass, UIM robot and probe deployments on single appliance  
  • Build multi device DR dashboards in UIM with DR status of distributed storage at production and DR sites
  • Automated Failover alarms 

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