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As organizations rapidly adopt the VblockTM Systems from VCE, management tools need to keep pace ensuring that this converged infrastructure is managed as whole and not on the basis of  the individual components. The Superna Connector for CA UIM leverages VCE VisionTM Software and VMware vCenterTM software to provide a single integration point for VCETM Vblock System management.  With the Superna Connector and CA UIM, VCE Vblock fault monitoring, root cause failure analysis and SLA monitoring of critical applications are dramatically simplified.  CA UIM with the Superna UIM Conenctor offers visualization of all Vblock System components and virtual machines with real-time health status, alarm aggregation and component alarm tagging.

The Probe fully leverages the CA UIM bus architecture to scale alarm collection and delivery to UMP dashboards.  Installation is simple drag and drop onto a robot in the UIM Infrastructure Manager tool.  The probe supports many to one management of Vblocks in a centralized probe deployment or leveraging distributed Robots for geographic deployments using the UIM architecture to collect data from Probes and reliably deliver and store the data for real-time display and processing of notifications.  

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