Ransomware Defender Overview

Demo Video

NOTE: Planned Availability Q1-17

Ransomeware Defender

RansomWare Defender Architecture Diagram

RansomWare Defender Feature Summary

  1. Monitor Isilon audit CEE logs for file activity related to Ransomware attacks
  2. Stops Ransomware real-time across all managed clusters
  3. User behaviour based detection 
  4. Security Guard Feature - Simulated Ransomware attack validates response actions to an attack are functioning as expected with alerts to administrators to ensure all security components are ready and tested daily.
  5. Detect user path and share,export of the attack
  6. customizable rules engine to tune false positives
  7. Administrator alerts, logging on suspicious activity
  8. Active Defense:
    1. Lock Filesystem path under attack, report user to administrator
    2. Timed Auto lock rules if administrator not available
  9. Include and exclude file system paths from monitoring
  10. Distributed processing and centralized rules and decision actions with Agents colocated with cluster and centralized Eyeglass appliance for actions
  11. Multi cluster aware monitoring
  12. Fast and slow path analysis