Eyeglass Ransomware Defender

The problem:

The daily threat of Ransomware attacks on Enterprise NAS is compounded with Scale out NAS solutions that pool massive amounts of file data.

Today customers deploy security products at the perimeter of the network including virus and malware software on desktops, Intrusion detection devices.  

BUT...... what happens if ransomware gets passed the perimeter??? 

The solution:

Superna Eyeglass Ransomware Defender is your last line of defense to protect business critical data from attack.

It works by monitoring clusters in real-time using an out of the data path solution, that leverages file audit feature on Isilon.  User behaviour detection is used to raise alarms on detected events.   

The solution not only monitors but is active defense at stopping an attack in real-time.  This is achieved with a per user lockout feature, that denies any writes or reads to all entry points allowed by the affected user.   

This means all Isilon clusters protected by Superna Eyeglass Ransomware Defender will have the affected user locked out within minutes of a detection.

How do I recover from an attack?

In addition to lock out features, the product can rollback access after the affected files (logged for easy identification) have been cleaned or removed.   Superna Eyeglass is snapshot and DR aware, which means customers can leverage Data Recovery Manager User portal feature to recover older versions of files.  This feature is part of our Cluster Storage Monitor addon and allows end user requests to recovery data from any snapshot located on any managed cluster.