Eyeglass Easy Auditor Overview

NOTE: Planned Availability Q2

Planned product addon to make compliance and file auditing easy, automated, and fast to setup. 

Architecture Diagram

Feature Summary

  1. Lower cost than traditional legacy audit platforms to store the audit database
  2. Supports Isilon storage for analytics database to reduce the cost versus traditional relational DB solutions that require Fibre channel disk.
  3. Compression of analytics data is done inline which reduces audit data storage by 8 to 10 to 1 ratio.
  4. NO fibre channel or block storage needed to scale performance of queries 
  5. Scales performance with Isilon cluster node count
  6. Powered by Isilon HDFS, allows the Isilon cluster to accelerate queries and perform analytics on CEE audit data
  7. Leverages HBASE and Linux to remove SQL, Oracle and Windows OS costs
  8. Simple to deploy on virtual infrastructure
  9. Highly available clustered solution with 3 VM's for queries and CEE processing
  10. Uses Isilon storage pools for data protection of the Audit database
  11. Leverage SyncIQ to replicate the Audit database
  12. Simple Failover using Superna Eyeglass DR edition to failover the auditing Smartconnect name to warm standby Superna Eyeglass audit cluster VM's