Eyeglass Easy Auditor

Auditing Business Critical Data

The problem:

Centralized Scale out NAS introduces challenges in auditing for compliance or security requirements.  The audit events on a large system can approach 1000's per second that need to be processed, indexed and stored.  Legacy solutions were expensive and required fibre channel, and relational databases to scale performance adding licensing and infrastructure costs to audit file data.

  • Large NAS systems create large volumes of audit data
  • Cost to audit increases
  • Legacy solutions are expensive

The solution:

Superna Eyeglass Easy Auditor adds compliance file auditing solution to extend data compliance, security auditing to Isilon systems.   This is built on a Big Data architecture, leveraging HDFS and Isilon as the database to store audit data.

This allows cluster size to increase audit query performance with Smartconnect to load balance HDFS.  Easy Auditor spreads the database across all cluster nodes in the pool.

Eyeglass is a cluster configuration aware auditing platform enables per export or share audit searches.

Solutions Addressed:
  • Compliance auditing reports for HIPPA
  • Automated Security Audit reports
    • by share, export, user, path
    • Top users
    • Least accessed
    • Recommended security changes based on access patterns
Key Values:
  • Lower cost analytics and storage of audit data for Isilon
  • Scale performance with cluster size
  • Automation to simplify compliance reporting